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See Phi Delt in Action

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Photo: Our brother, Hamza Qureshi, was the Class of 2019 Student Speaker

2 / 10

Photo: Some brothers at the Pittsburgh Pirates' CMU Night

3 / 10

Photo: Our Chef and brother, Chaz Smith, as a guest on Grill It! with Bobby Flay

4 / 10

Photo: Phi Delt wins the IM Volleyball championship

5 / 10

Photo: Brothers standing in front of our Booth (Carnival 2018)

6 / 10

Photo: Group photo after the 2018 Holi event (Carnival 2018)

7 / 10

Photo: Some Phis (and our former sweetheart Hadley Killen) as counselors at Camp Kesem

8 / 10

Photo: Mikey, Sim, Pedro, Max, Sean, and Santi as OC's

9 / 10

Photo: Some brothers meeting up in NYC during summer 2019

10 / 10

Photo: Our brothers Johnathan, Austin, and Fern doing advanced robotics research in Japan