Our Chapter

At Phi Delta Theta, we live by the motto "one man is no man". We're always striving for success, and we understand that we are parts of a greater whole. As members, we do what we can to make our chapter, our community, and our fellow brothers better. We are one of the largest and most diverse fraternities at CMU, and we are very proud of this!

What Our Brothers Have to Say

In these videos, brothers talk about their favorite experiences in Phi Delt and why others should consider joining. View the PA Rho YouTube page for more videos.

Why Phi Delt?

Favorite PDT Moments

Phi Delt at a Glance

  • Number of current members: 66
  • Number of alumni: 151
  • Number of different majors in Phi Delt: 21
  • Top 5 most popular majors: Computer Science, Stat/ML, Business Admin, ECE, Information Systems
  • We have guys in every college: CFA, CIT, CS, DC, MCS, Tepper
  • Number of different clubs our brothers are in: 59
  • Members who have/had a leadership role in another club: 19
  • Brothers who have been TA's: 8
  • Brothers who have been RA's or OC's: 9
  • Members who participate in research: 12
  • Number of varsity athletes: 4
  • Number of brothers who play IM or Club sports: 14
  • IM sports we play: Soccer, football, basketball, volleyball
  • Number of trophies in our trophy case: Honestly we lost track a long time ago
  • Number of brothers who play instruments: 10
  • Random instruments at the house: 1 guitar, 2 basses, 1 keyboard, 1 broken violin, a cheap drum kit
  • Number of hours played on the PDT Minecraft server: Hundreds
  • Followers on Emil's meme page: 8,736 and counting
  • Number of different companies our brothers have worked or interned at: 50+
  • Notable tech companies: Adobe, Amazon, Apple, Duolingo, Facebook, GoDaddy, Google, Microsoft, Uber
  • Notable business firms: Capital One, Citibank, Citadel, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Merck & Co., PNC, PIMCO, Wells Fargo
  • Other notable places: Boeing, Burns & Scalo, DSK Architects, Mithun, Navair, iRobot, Xavier University
  • Where/what our alumni are studying in graduate school: MechE at MIT, MechE at CMU, BME at CMU, Applied ML at CMU

The Executive Board

  • President, Pedro Safi, MCS '22
  • Vice President, Alex Sahinidis, DC '22
  • Secretary, Lake Lewis, CFA '23
  • Treasurer, Rahul Khare, DC '22
  • Phikeia Educator, Daniel Fager, Tepper '22
  • Recruitment Chair, Jack Cameron, CS '22
  • Risk Manager, Neeraj Sathe, CS '22
  • House Manager, Jaime Romero, CIT '23
  • Member Development Chair, Jake Zych, CS '23
  • Social Chair, Ethan Wang, CS '22

General Officers

  • Alumni Relations Chair, Kieran Walsh, DC '22
  • Athletics Chair, Juan Mejia, CIT '23
  • Awards Chiar/IFC Rep, Harrison Lian, DC '23
  • Booth, Pedro Safi, Jaime Romero (CIT '23), Lake Lewis (CFA '23)
  • Brotherhood Chair, Daniel Fager, Tepper '22
  • Chaplain, Mike Xu, CS '22
  • Chorister, Omry Alfi, CIT '22
  • Fundraising Chair, Aashai Avadhani, DC '22
  • Design Chair, Tay Aras, CFA '22
  • Greek Sing, Neeraj Sathe (CS '22), Omry Alfi, Jack Cameron, Alex Sahinidis
  • Historian, Rahul Khare, DC '22
  • Warden, Michael Sun, DC '23

Making a Difference in Our Community

As a fraternity, we find community service and volunteerism extremely important. We're always trying to find ways that we can positively impact CMU and the city of Pittsburgh. For this reason, we elect Philanthropy and Community Service chairs who are in charge of discovering, organizing, and recruiting for events. Here are some of the ways we try to serve our school and community:

Our Alumni Network

Because we are still a very young fraternity, we have a very close relationship with our alumni. Our alumni are always ready to help any current member, and most are only one text away. As a result of the size and diversity of our fraternity, we have alumni all around the country, each charting his own course in the world.

In the near future, we will be gathering alumni interviews to give a better glimpse into our alumni network and where our alumni are today.

The Meal Plan

Ask any brother about the Phi Delt meal plan, and they will have nothing but good things to say about it. As a member of Phi Delta Theta PA Rho, you can subscribe to our private meal plan, where our personal Chef and fellow brother, Chaz Smith, will make some of the best food you'll have at CMU. And we aren't talking chicken tenders and fries: we're talking homemade, gourmet meals!

View Chef's Instagram page to see a sample of the amazing food you can have when you join Phi Delt.